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E Hine Baby onesie
E Hine Baby onesie
E Hine Baby onesie

E Hine Baby onesie

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- 2 way zip for easy access kope change

- Fold over mittens attached for a safe and scratch free Pēpē

(Lets face it, single mittens can be a little hōha to keep paired)

- Fold over feet cuffs to keep our taonga warm

- Fun and unique print, exclusively made by Tawhanga Rikahe ringa Tā Moko and Carver from Ngāti Rangiwewehi and Tuhourangi-Ngāti Wāhiao

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95% cotton, 5% spandex


Sizing Guide

0000 (NEWBORN)

000 (3-6 MONTHS)

00 (6-9 MONTHS)

0 (9-12 MONTHS)

1 (12-18 MONTHS)

2 (18-24 MONTHS)