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Panekoti Tāniko

Panekoti Tāniko

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  • Natural fibre: Cotton is made from cotton fibres, a natural plant based material
  • Absorbent: The space between cotton fibres means cotton is absorbent and can wick moisture from the skin
  • Breathable: The gaps in the fibre also makes cotton fabric breathable
  • Drapes well: Cotton hangs from the body in a naturally fitting shape
  • Durable: Cotton is strong, and actually gets stronger when wet. The secret to any sustainable wardrobe is helping your clothes last longer, which makes cotton perfect for fashion
  • Machine washable: Cotton’s strength when wet means you can let the washing machine do the hard work and not have to worry about wear and tear
  • Easy to colour/print: cotton fibres can absorb colour well, making it easy to dye
  • No static: Cotton does not conduct electricity, therefore you won’t get a static shock like some synthetic fabrics.

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strict 14-day return policy at own cost of shipping. Damaged and removal of clothing tags will not be accepted for a refund or size swap.

Care Instructions

Dry Clean only

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